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3 Undiluted Ways To Triple Your Sales This Year Using Your CRM System

“CRM ‘’ means Customer relationship management doesn’t mean the only benefit you will get from implementing and automating a CRM system is having a deeper relationship with your customers.

If you are in this space right now, know that you’re missing a big part of the full value of CRM.

Before I go on with sharing a few ways your CRM system can help you triple your sales this year…

You should know your sales will only triple when you;

  • Choose and implement the right CRM software fit for your business needs.
  • You are able to explore more possibilities to scale your business with a CRM system.

With a well-managed Client Database, Automated Follow-Ups, Forecast Accuracy, and a good overview over sales stats with dynamic reporting features;

Your CRM Software becomes an invaluable management tool that will not only solidify the relationship you have with your customers, simplify your business but also skyrocket your sale.

Here are 3 Undiluted ways your CRM software will not only convert your customers into lifetime brand ambassadors but also triple your sales.

1. Streamline and increase the efficacy of your sales funnel:

No, your sales funnel is not some graphic design that shows you how many leads have you converted into prospects or paying customers.

Your sales funnel goes way beyond that.

It is the resources you put in capturing, organizing, qualifying, and tracking your leads to convert those leads to sales.

Now, that’s where your CRM pulls out its magical wand

[Have questions about your sales funnel or about how to create a responsive and profitable sales funnel strategy? Click HERE]

Once you are able to connect, attract and nurture your ideal clients your sales funnel starts filling up with leads.

This is best achieved using social media marketing, email marketing, cold calling, attending networking events, advertising, etc.

Your CRM software helps you qualify your leads (This way you save so many resources) by providing custom lead capture forms.

You can also create a website and landing page forms, email campaigns, pоlls, redirect all this data into your CRM account as leads.

Since every lead is a potential client, your CRM helps you connect with each of your leads on a deeper level. so you need to further connect with them.

Having a CRM system in place allows you to follow up with your leads so you can qualify them without feeling overwhelmed.

Your CRM system will help you prioritize, organize and manage your leads effectively.

With easy access to your prospects and clients’ relevant information, you and your team are able to better understand and get acquainted with clients’ wants/needs.

All these activities are sure to triple your sales.

Your team can focus on achieving the greatest Sales Closure while your CRM solution automatically tracks and stores your accurate and complete sales data.

2. You exceed your client’s expectations and turn them into brand ambassadors. (That equals more quality=sales)

As a customer myself, once I pay for a service/product I want you as a service provider to pay me some attention (And I’m sure you feel that way too).

Your CRM can help you establish customer support and enable your customers to interact with you and your team without you stressing about it.

You can integrate a help desk product with your existing CRM system if it doesn’t support customer support.

This will help you/your team manage issued tickets and empower your teams to efficiently communicate with your customers via email, chat, phone, and directly on your website.

[If this is something you are interested in, click here)

With your CRM system, you give your customers all the resources to help themselves

They would appreciate this! You can publish a “Get started”, “How to ” and more articles and FAQs related to your products.

You can create a customer portal where your customers get all they need and more without having to go back and forth.

It makes them happy because they see you as reliable and efficient and would love to stick with you/bring their friends and family along.

Trust me, every customer appreciates when you make them a priority.

3. Nurture both your prospects and existing customers (Upselling them)

With your CRM system monitoring changes on your social sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others to notify you when important changes about your ideal clients occur, you have all the relevant information you need to understand whom you need to prioritize and how best to upsell your offers.

Automating your prospect and existing customer emails and other workflow processes within your CRM system makes nurturing easier and effective.

Your CRM system will help your team deliver tailored and targeted messages at the right time. With features as the Event Timeline, it is even easier to achieve sales successes.

In your customer’s portal, your team can see every previous sale, communication, or activity.

Every piece of information related to a customer is stored for you in one central location. (It’s easier to plan your next upsell this way).

If your business is based on monthly subscriptions it’s easy to set up alerts that notify you when a customer’s subscription is ending, so you can contact them back at agreed times, etc.

Targeted email campaigns with exclusive offers and discounts, personalized shopping offers and emails, are all strategies you can use to engage your clients to buy more.

Which of these strategies are ready to use to triple your sales leveraging your CRM system?

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We can provide a detailed analysis of your requirements and provide a viable implementation solution using the software that is the best fit for your business needs.

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