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How To Convert Your Dream Clients To Paying Clients Using Storytelling

The effort you invest in creating that amazing offer makes you want to share all that makes it amazing. However, what you need to convert those dream clients of yours is to break down in real-life scenarios how your offer has helped someone in particular, positively. This makes it relatable.

Now, this is where effective storytelling shows up to boost your sales conversion.

Storytelling also enhances your team’s ability to communicate the right message, connect with the right audience, and ultimately, compels your dream clients into taking that next step in your sales funnel.

To consistently convert your dream clients to sales, your sales strategy needs to be memorable


You don’t have to be a professional copywriter to use storytelling in tripling your sales conversion rate.

All you need to do is follow and practice my S. E. A. M strategy consistently and watch those sales roll in

1. Simplicity does it: 15secs is all you have to drive home that story of yours, secs after that might just not matter

Keep your story simple and concise

Make sure it has a clear

— Introduction,

— Middle, and

— Conclusion.

This structure is legendary, trust me.

Ps: Your story is to compel help your dream client relate to your offer, so focus on their journey.

2. End goal: What’s the point of this story? What do you want your dream client to take home? Figure this out and make it obvious in your story

Me: My goal when I tell my sales & marketing system story is to help my dream clients see clearly how I can support them in increasing their sales and profits margins without lifting their fingers

Do you get that? Apply it

3. Attention: No one is ready to listen to a boring story. Make sure your first few words are captivating and engaging

Using Email Marketing, for example, if your subject line isn’t captivating and engaging enough no one will open the email

Now, if they don’t open your email how would they read your amazing story?

Remove any hurdle or complications that will stop your dream clients from taking that action.

4. Make it Personal and Timely: This strategy took me a long while to understand fully (it might take a while to get in tune with it but it’s worth all the worth)

Be as authentic as possible here and if you do not have your personal story, use a past clients’ experiences as a case study to tailor your message to your dream clients

Have you tried understanding your industry changes of recent? You can leverage this to figure out how that affects your client’s pain point and tie those little findings of yours into your story.

An example of using storytelling to ignite your sales process

Using the above tips, your story should sound this way;

In the Beginning: Personalize your story to call their attention like this…

“Hi Marilyn, It’s great to see you have taken the bold step of leaving your 9 to 5 to start your business. How has it been so far?”

The Middle section of your story should go this way…

“One of the hurdles of running a business is ensuring to attract and connect with the right audience and then converting this audience to paying clients. I was on a discovery call with a prospect 15 days ago and her challenge was simple, she has so many followers (Still growing her followership) on the clubhouse app and on Instagram but no one is asking about her offer… No one is signing up for her coaching program.

Are you experiencing something like this or close to this?

Then you conclude by saying;

You have taken the best step of your life by choosing to follow your dreams and building a legacy for yourself and your children with your business. But don’t just have a business, you should build a profitable and sustainable business.

In fact, we signed that client mentioned above and have gotten 23 quality leads for her VIP program in just 10 days of working with her brand. She’s excited to see how much growth her sales pipeline would experience after 30days

I know we can do the same for you.”

Did I mention you need to ensure your story is timely? This is important!

You want to be sure that your story of yours is what they need at that moment.

The weather, the season, and all of these external factors that find a way of interfering with your dram clients’ decision-making should be put into consideration when creating and pitching your story.

PRO-TIP: Showing up at networking events, sharing my story with my husband first and then my team has really helped me in structuring my storytelling skill effectively

Practice makes perfect is no fairy tale… It works!

Even with the most unresponsive prospect, once you’re able to practice often, you get confident speaking or writing to them.

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